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A personalized gift is a treasured gift.
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We are Max and Darlene Miller, the owners of Names And More. We have been in the personalized gifts business for 25 years and the names business for 14 years. We have over 220,000 names in our database. You would think that we have every name covered, yet every day new ones come up.

We love the origin of names business!

We could speak volumes of knowledge when it comes to naming trends. Ethnic and biblical names remain popular. Our global society embraces diverse ethnic names like Raoul and Mei Ling, as well as, biblical names such as Adam, Hanna, Rachel, and Jacob. Celebrity names rise and fall in popularity just like the stars themselves. Movies, books and video games have made fashionable countless names above and beyond Tammy (or Tami), Jason and Kimberly.

Personalized gifts touch the heart

We have the satisfaction in knowing that with each name meaning gift, we are making someone feel special. Personalized gifts--especially name meanings--have that effect on people. We've seen it first hand again and again. Our gifts make a difference and we're proud of it.
For example, it was Christmas 2001 and Names And More pre-arranged a visit to a local home for abused and abandoned children. Each child was given his/her own name meaning certificate. To the children living in a world of chaos and uncertainty, it was the one thing they could call their own.

Our personal guarantee

We want you to tell your friends and family about Names And More and to feel comfortable here so you will return again and again. We will never sell or release your e-mail address or name, address, phone number, or credit card information to a third party, vendor, or anyone outside of our company.

The personal information that you provide during the ordering process is automatically encrypted so only we can read it. We are committed to keeping your personal information safe and guarantee you 100% satisfaction.

Names And More creates memories that last a lifetime. We thank you for letting us be a part of your life.


Max and Darlene

P.S. We'd like to share our name meanings with you:

From the Latin root Maxximilian; Maxwell
Most Excellent
Will do nothing but his best
Is good at compelling others
Uses creativity in his learning
He listens with his heart
He holds up his head with honor
He smiles his troubles away
He rises to adversity
Likes to conquer the unknown

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From the old French root name Darlene
Little Darling
Enjoys interesting conversations
She is popular for her cheerful personality
Loves the outdoors
Is loved by her family and friends
She's cute, happy, smart, and friendly
Believes in fairness and fair play
Smart business minded; a good friend
She could be a tough competitor

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Pssst. Yes, our name meanings really describe us well.

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A personalized gift is a treasured gift.
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