Just wanted you to know that I received my purchase today. They are both wonderful! Once again, you've done an outstanding job. Looking forward to the next time.
John C.

Names and More offers personalized items of authentic first name meanings and origins.
Have you ever wondered what your first name means? Have you questioned its origin, derivations, and common characteristics?

Your name is part of your personal identity; that's why a certificate with your own name meaning is one of the most personalized items you can give or receive.

It's a personalized gift that also makes the recipient feel special; because they know you didn't just drive to the local chain store and pick something off the shelf. In today's rushed impersonal society, feeling treasured is a rarity. Much thought and creativity goes into a personalized item, so whether you give or receive one, most consider it a gift of love.

Personalized birthday gifts
Precious pets
Sports teams
Personalized business gifts
Touching memorials
Graduation presents
Romantic Valentine's Day
Thank you gifts
Employee recognition
Mothers Day and Fathers Day

Be inspired. Let your creativity flow; then rest assured. Whether your name meaning certificate is a gift for someone special, or that someone special is you, Names And More guarantees customer satisfaction.

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